Note: The  exams within application are required only for 'Competency' (Exam) based certification.

Personal Attributes & Behavior Evaluation 

For initial applicants an assessment of personal attributes and behavior required only for competency based certification.  Personal attributes and behavior evaluation provides us an assessment of your attitude towards quality auditing.  The applicant shall supply a copy of the TRA Personal Attributes Report from the on-line examination.  (Scoring Details explained)

Time Allowance: 30 minutes for 20 questions; 

  • 5 minute Warning Appears ABOVE Question and 
  • Clock countdown Appears Lower Left bottom of Screen
  • Scoring Details Explained

Knowledge Exam QMS and/or EMS 

This Knowledge examination for QMS or EMS is required only for competency (Exam) based certification, which provides an overall evaluation of your management systems auditing knowledge of Quality or Environmental systems. Some audit training may not cover all aspects; it is our goal to promote a well versed knowledge on and for quality and/or environmental management systems auditing.  Questions are based on ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001 Standard and ISO 19011 Guidelines, be familiar with these and you will do well. For this exam a Proctor MUST be present!  We do have a Retesting Policy for the Knowledge Exam only. 

Here is information you should be aware of:  Proctoring Administrative GuidelinesProctors ask the Candidate to complete an “ Auditor Candidate ID Form”. 

 Time Allowance: 40 minutes for 60 questions; Open Book 

  • 5 minute Warning Appears ABOVE Question and 
  • Clock countdown Appears Lower Left bottom of screen

Upon Completion of above described Exams:

  • Screen will take candidate to results screen letting individual know how many passed compared to number of questions
    • e.g. 30/60 (30 out of 60 questions answered correctly)
  • Website system sends to individual candidates a certificate via email address provided.
  • Proctor completes ‘Student/Candidate Information Form’ then sends that to TRA Certification.
How do I Register to take these:
  1. Go to Register Screen and Complete
    1. You'll Receive and eMail with your User Name and Password 
  2. Go to Candidate LogIn
  3. Purchase each :
    1. You can Take Personal Attributes & Behavior Exam at your convenience
    2. QMS Knowledge MUST be Proctored, contact Program Admin to schedule.

You'll be asked to Register then purchase each Exam with use of Credit Card through PayPal prior to having access on separate 'CertifyMe.eu/tra.com site.  Exams are NOT required for 'Qualifications Based' certification.