tips for maintaining logs easy  

Does one of these describe you?

  • I’ve not kept up my logs
  • I plan to get that log completed soon

TRA Certification makes every effort to help you make Maintaining Audit Logs and CPD/CEU logs easy.  

Make little work of maintaining your audit logs by using below tips.

Organizational tip for maintaining your audit log: often the same client is audited each year or every other year. Thus if you’ve completed logs previously you may find this helpful: 

  • Open your previous Log
  • Save with New Year or new file name
  • Within Log revise the date and number of days  'Update made simple'
  • Re-Save and you’re done 

Audit New Clients Regulary

  • Do this before or after your audit and maintaining your log is even easier. 
  • Your Calendar is a resource to help you remember your audits.
  • Log your before or after your audit and or training and maintaining your log is even easier. 
  • You can even add each client to your log when you’re invoicing and then it’s done.

Requirement for Audit & CPD/CEU Logs is at your triennial year (3rd Year Renewal)

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