Our Certification of Persons Program is developed to offer assurance to businesses that the QMS or EMS Auditor conducting audits in their facilities is competent and qualified to perform auditing activities in a manner that is in compliance with the applicable standard(s).

As a part of the program, each applicant’s skills, knowledge and experience is evaluated, based on the  ISO 19011:2011 (Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems), ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems – Requirements) and/or ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems – Requirements) standards to determine competency.

This program is intended for:  Quality or Environmental (1) auditors employed by third party certification bodies / registrars; (2) consultants, managers and/or other personnel with quality or environmental emphasis and/or focus; and (3) Employees conducting QMS or EMS management system audits within their own organization.

The granting of certification by TRA Certification International, Inc. means the applicant has been recognized and is competent to:

  • Uphold the principles of proper ethical and personal behavior conduct, fair presentation and due professional care
  • Communicate clearly orally and in writing
  • Plan and organize a QMS, EMS, or Medical Device audit
  • Report accurate findings and conclusions
  • Lead the audit team and manage the audit process
  • Audit a management process

The certification for QMS or EMS auditors is general and does not include nor require any industry sector specific competencies and is available, without restriction, to all individuals who satisfy the certification requirements. The certification to ISO 13485 is specific to Medical Device Industry and requires work experience in that sector.

Once an applicant is certified through TRA Certification International, certain information about that auditor will be included in the public registry which will be available on this website.

***Note:  This document provides information and instruction regarding:  (1) certification and application;  (2) requirements for initial certification;  (3) requirements for certification renewal; and  (4) Code of Conduct.


Changes to Issued Certification:

Any individual holding a certification issued by TRA Certification must promptly notify TRA Certification whenever changes to their contact information, education or employment status which may affect the validity of the issued certification. TRA Certification will promptly review the change(s) and notify the individual of any required actions to maintain the certification.

Information from any relevant source which could materially affect a certification will be considered. If a certification has been issue, such information will be reviewed to determine if it is necessary to modify or revoke an existing certification.

Determination of the actions necessary to modify an issued certification are the responsibility and duty of the Director of Certification, or his appointed Deputy Director of Certification, who shall have full authority to make and enforce such determinations. The Director of Certification shall be notified if such modifications will have a direct impact upon the existing certification.