Instructions for Applying as PROVISIONAL Auditor Status with TRA Certification of Persons

If you have reviewed everything below APPLY NOW

Before you begin you will need the following: (4 page application for visual use only Download) PC-1001 Prov

  1. Application Information for Provisional Auditor with TRA Certification (App fee of $100 is non-refundable and paid with all NEW App Submission)
    1. Lead Auditor $295 Annually  -- See Alternate Application from drop down menu
    2. Auditor $260 Annually -- See Alternate Application from drop down menu
    3. Provisional Auditor $175 Annually        Provisional Auditor Minimum Requirements
  2. Educational Information (Bachelors Degree, University, College, Technical Trade, MUST be High School Graduate, prepare for 1 Combined Copy File Upload)
  3. Personal Information Details (Member Profile - Step 1)
  4. Resume 
    1. Work Experience of 5 years, or 4 years with a degree or near degree
    2. Office or Business Information (If Applicable)
    3. Registrar Information (Optional)
  5. Training Information Specific to Auditing / (Be prepared to Upload your Completed Log)  
  6. Auditing Experience: (Please be prepared to Upload any audits you participated in as training or experience)
  7. Examinations required for EXAM BASED Certification (Prepare to provide a or b)
    1. TRACI PA or QMS Certificate or Equivalent (This page still in development stage please sign Commitment Page)
      • For Qualifications Based Certification exams are NOT required.
      • Exams are ONLY for Competency Based Certification! 
      • Exams Needed are: 1) Personal Attributes and Behavior Evaluation & 2) QMS Knowledge Examination 
    2. Direct Evaluation
  8. READ and be prepared to SIGN to Declaration &  Code of Conduct as displayed. 
  9. After you've gather ALL information above you'll be ready to Status with TRACI Certification of Persons.
  10. Be prepared to submit Payment of $100 Non-Refundable Application Fee, please note application will be processed upon receipt of payment.
Thank you!
If you have further questions on these items please review our Auditor Certification Page along with various other pages.  You may also contact the program administrator [email protected]   Dowload of These INSTRUCTIONS