TRA Certification International has been an approved partner for standardized program implementation we provide certification to the ISO 9001:2008 and other standards.  All activities are conducted in accordance with applicable international standards and the rules and regulations of the accrediting body.  Current ISO Standards applicable to certification of persons are ISO/IEC 17024, IAF Guidance on ISO 17024 and other relevant guidance and reference documents.

We have provided Conformity Assessment Services for over 29 years.  We have staff that has been instrumental in bringing Quality Assurance to the housing industry.

A flow chart depicting the assessment process is maintained as Form PC4014 and is provided to all persons who request information regarding the TRACI Assessment scheme industry.

An individual wishing to receive certification must complete application and returned to TRA Certification with specific documentation.  Documents provided by the applicant will be reviewed and verified.  If the applicant’s credentials are determined to be satisfactory, a notice will be forwarded to the applicant and a certificate and wallet card created and mailed.

The cost of review, certification and renewal shall be determined in accordance with current published rates at the time the application is received.  The prices may be in effect for a limited length of time and are subject to change.

We our offering an alternative experience for Personnel Certification for use in the Auditing of Standards compliance.

If you are Interested in Personnel Certification through TRA Certification go to'Get Certified' for cost and process. 


Use of Logo:

Any individual holding a valid certification issued by TRA Certification will be authorized to use the TRA Certification logo as specified in the certification documents. Use of the TRA Certification logo is restricted to the terms of the certification agreement and misuse may be cause for Suspension, Withdrawal or Revocation.