Commitment to Impartiality   and freedom from conflict of interest  

TRA Certification makes every effort to assure that all activities are impartial and free from any conflict of interest.  This applies equally to office personnel and assessment personnel, whether full time employees or external resources.

When personnel are assigned specific responsibilities, their past employment and experience records are considered to determine that they are impartial and free from any conflict of interest.  All personnel shall to attest to their obligation to notify TRA Certification of any assignment which might cause a conflict of interest.  There must be no commercial, financial or other pressures which might influence the results of the validation and/or verification process.

TRA Certification periodically reviews its operations and procedures to assure continuing impartiality and takes prompt action to respond to any threats to its impartiality arising from the actions of other persons, bodies or organizations.

All personnel, both internal and external, are required to reveal any situation known to them which may present them or TRA Certification with a conflict of interest.  This information is used as input for identifying threats to impartiality raised by activities of such personnel or by the organizations which employ them.  Should such a threat be discovered, the person(s) involved will not be utilized unless they can demonstrate a lack of conflict of interest.