Select the Certification Status for which you are Applying

What you'll need to Apply!
  1. Basic Education Certificate
  2. Resume, detailing work history, education and other general information
  3. Certificate for Lead Auditor Training Course
  4. Auditor Training, CEU and/or Audit Logs (as required per level)
  5. Signed Code of Conduct and Declaration (restated on last page of application)
  6. 2015 Transition Affidavit of Understanding! (Sample Affidavit)
  7. Exam Certificates if taken for Competency (Examination) Based Certification, not Required for Qualifications Based.

Apply for TRA Certification of Persons (TRACI) Level (App fee of $100 is non-refundable and paid with all NEW App Submission)

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 More Triennial Details
(if you are already a Certified Auditor, Applying with TRACI does not affect certification with your current company)

If you have further questions on these items please review our Personnel Certification page along with various other pages.  You may also contact the program administrator [email protected]

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