Code of Conduct for TRACI Auditors    

As a TRA Certification International certified auditor, I understand that I have an ethical & personal behavior obligation to remain in compliance with the TRACI Codes of Conduct which include the following: (Part of the Annual Renewal Process)

  1. TRACI Auditors will perform activities in a professional, accurate, and unbiased manner.
  2. TRACI Auditors will disclose any relationships that may influence judgment.
  3. TRACI Auditors will not represent conflicting or competing interests.
  4. TRACI Auditors will not accept any commission, gift or other benefit from organizations being audited, their employees or other interested parties.
  5. TRACI Auditors will not intentionally communicate false or misleading information that may compromise the integrity of any audit or the auditor certification process.
  6. TRACI Auditors will not misrepresent the qualifications, competence or experience of myself or those of any other individual or organization
  7. TRACI Auditors will ensure that all complaints regarding performance are formally logged and will be addressed in a manner to prevent recurrence.
  8. TRACI Auditors will provide full cooperation in any formal inquiry that should arise in the event of any alleged breach of this code.

Commitment Page Required by ALL Applicants