ANNUAL RENEWAL Instructions 

STOP:  If you are UPGRADING to a new Level please select Upgrade Renewal from drop down menu instead.

AUDIT and CPD/CEU Logs are not required!  (3 page application for Visual Use ONLY Download ) PC-1001 AR  

  • Contact Information Verification and/or Update is needed from TRACI Auditors 
  • Annual Fee by TRACI Auditors Due to maintain Certification Status.
  • Code of Conduct by TRACI Auditors shall be read again, signed off last page of Application.
  • Annual Declaration by TRACI Auditors shall be read again, signed off last page of Application.

Note:  If submitted we will keep on file for your Triennial Renewal. Visit tips on maintaining audit and cpd/ceu logs as a resource. By submitting annually it helps keep your Logs up-to-date.

If you wish to change your status from Provisional, Auditor, or Medical Device Classification please .  

 Download These Instructions



All personnel certified by TRA Certification International, Inc. are evaluated for conformance with the requirements of certification with relevant training on an Triennial Basis. 

In preparation for you can download a copy of our  Audit Log Form 2016 &  CEU Log FORM(Please note TRA will accept your own preferred Audit and/or CEU log(s) if legible) 

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
    > Lead Auditor or Auditor must have successfully completed a minimum of 45 hours of appropriate CPD training and provide evidence of completion.
  • Audit Experience Requirement for Renewal (tracked on above 'Audit Log' or comparable Log)
    > Lead Auditor: 5 acceptable audits and have been the leader during at least 2 of these audits
    > Auditor: 5 acceptable audits
    > Internal Auditor: 5 audits which total a minimum of 15 hours.